Freedom Bags & Cupcakes

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Traffick Free Pomona was blessed to be able to spend time with the David & Margaret girls on Saturday the 23rd of June. As an added blessing, we were witnesses to the joy that comes in the form of a Freedom Bag. The squeals of delight were like music to our hearts as the girls went through their beautiful bags. These were put together by different groups of people that included high school students and Sunday school classes and one thing they all had in common, was the love that was evident in each. The girls were so grateful and thanked us many times. There was a stuffed animal, taken from these bags, in many of their arms throughout the entire morning we spent with them. All this before we had baked one cupcake. There was wonderful interaction between all of us, with the challenges of a house filled with ten girls,of course. There were many tears of  joy, and sorrow was put aside, if even for a short time, because of the love that was displayed in the Freedom Bags and the cupcakes. Thank you all for your participation in putting together the bags, baking with the girls, and your continuous prayers. We won’t post pictures of the girls but we have some pictures of the bags and cakes. If you are interested in serving at David & Margaret or putting together a Freedom Bag, please email us and we will help you make a difference in a young girl’s life, and ultimately, in yours.

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