TFP Bakes With Our Girls From David & Margaret

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Such a simple gesture-bake cupcakes. Such a powerful ministry! I’m unsure that even we were prepared for how much this time we spent with our beloved girls at David & Margaret would impact all of us. We have been serving at this beautiful home for at-risk youth for several months now, and it just keeps getting better. We are developing relationships with these lovely young women and the opportunities to speak into their lives and show them what real love looks like, are abundant. This most recent visit, just last Saturday, the 28th of July, was incredible. Four members of Traffick Free Pomona spent 2 1/2 hours baking with three amazing young ladies and the time ran out much too quickly for we had a wonderful time! Throughout the morning, many of the other girls would wander in to see what all the craziness was about within their kitchen. We baked with three girls, but ALL ten of the girls who resided in this cottage participated in the eating of these delightful lemon-strawberry cupcakes. Our companions even chose to stay behind from a field trip to continue baking with us, though fortunately, we were able to let them do both. We are so blessed to be able to show them what a heart filled with Jesus looks like. As we see these girls accept invitations to our church and then see them give their lives to Jesus, one thing is clear– God truly blesses the cupcake. Check in with us to get involved with David & Margaret or the many other ways to serve with Traffick Free Pomona.

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