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Traffick Free Pomona and the girls of D & M worked together to bring the very first Sunday Sweet Shoppe to Pomona First Baptist Church. Over two days, members of TFP and our beloved girls from David & Margaret baked cupcakes and packaged them for sale. The cupcakes sold out in a matter of two services and left the people clamoring for more. The funds raised will be used for the purpose of purchasing ingredients and materials that we use to bake with our girls every month. However, raising funds was not our purpose. The reason we do this is for the value of fellowship and work ethic that is being instilled in these wonderful young ladies. Their lives have been tough, but they are tougher. Through the blessing of baking, we are able to spend time learning about them-their stories, their fears, their hopes, their souls. We are able to show them what real love looks like, through Jesus Christ. We in turn, get to see them flourish and thrive. We have witnessed many of our girls come to accept Jesus and we know that He will use this ministry to multiply through their peers. We have been given the amazing blessing of feeling their love, a love that has resisted the turmoil they have experienced. A love that has overcome sorrow and pain. Thank you to all the members who came together to bring this day to fruition. Thank you to all the congregation who have consistently supported TFP and the people we are serving. Thank you to our D & M girls for showing us what real love looks like. Make sure to click the pictures to see how love can manifest itself. If you are interested in serving with Traffick Free Pomona, please contact Tamiko Chacon at or Jeff Snawder at

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