Traffick Free Pomona,David & Margaret and the Happiness of a Child

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“This makes me happy!”
These are the words that were spoken by one of our girls as we baked cupcakes at David & Margaret. A record turnout of both TFP members and D & M girls, made this outing one of our most memorable, though all days spent with these beautiful girls are precious. Due to a previous request, we made sunflower themed cupcakes with Oreo cookies in the middle. I was in trouble briefly for the purchase of reduced fat cookies and was hunted down by a lovely young lady who asked the question,

“Who brings reduced fat anything to a children’s home?”

I have survived to write of our experience.

We had a FULL kitchen and FULL hearts. The laughter was abundant, as were the hands dipped in frosting.

As we were engaged in the baking, one beloved girl was heard to say,

“This makes me happy!”

Those are words that Traffick Free Pomona have spoken time and again, as the relationships that have been built here over the last year, continue to deepen. We share with each other our trials and victories. Most often, we are there to just listen and offer our love. As we left and hugged each other in farewell, I am sure that every member of TFP, within their souls, had a  familiar feeling that can be expressed through the words of a child.

This makes us happy!

To learn more about baking with the girls of David & Margaret or to get involved in the fight against human trafficking with Traffick Free Pomona, please contact us at

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