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Human trafficking is a major global issue. With as many as 21 million people affected worldwide, it can feel like a problem that’s just too big for any ONE person to tackle. Maybe that’s true. But imagine the power of ONE person taking ONE simple action, every day, to end trafficking in our communities. That ONE person tells a friend, who joins in. And so on…

That’s how a movement gets started. That’s how change happens. Not all at once, but ONE person, ONE small step at a time. Don’t ask “How could I possibly make a difference?” Instead, ask “What can I do today to make a difference?” If we all try each day to do ONE thing to end trafficking, then we have a real chance of achieving our goal: Every ONE Free.

What Can You Do?

Make ONE Phone Call.

If you think you recognize the warning signs of human trafficking in your community, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. If you’re nervous about making the call, or uncertain what to expect, the NHTRC has an informative video to walk you through the process so you can feel secure about picking up the phone to report a suspected case of trafficking.

Change ONE Purchase.

Human Trafficking is supported partially by consumer demand for cheap goods and a lack of awareness about the origins of the goods and services we purchase. While it can be difficult to be one hundred percent certain that an item you’re buying is completely traffick-free, one way to feel confident about your purchases is to look for Fair Trade-certified items whenever possible. We’ve compiled a list of businesses that support Fair Trade on our website. Shop slave-free from your computer today. You can also learn more about Fair Trade and where to purchase goods through Fair Trade USA.


Share ONE Fact.

Knowledge is power — and shared knowledge is shared power to make change. Most people are against human trafficking, but don’t take action to stop it because they don’t know enough about the scope of the problem or how to recognize the signs. Drag the “Red Flag” below to your desktop and use it on your social media profile today to help educate your friends about the warning signs of human trafficking, so we can all be partners in helping our fellow human beings.

One_Wave Text

Change ONE Habit.

Becoming more aware of how the chain of human trafficking leads directly to our own front doors can be uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary and powerful step to help stop the victimization of men, women and children worldwide. Use the interactive site to see exactly how your daily habits are connected to the problem of human trafficking.

Another way to change your habits for the greater good is to understand that trafficking is more prevalent among vulnerable populations. While there’s no one profile that fits all trafficking victims, people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, homeless, food insecure, or have unstable living conditions or immigration status are all at greater risk of being victimized. Find one or two spare hours each week that you can use to volunteer for an organization that mentors or empowers vulnerable people in your community, and you’ll be taking a powerful step to keep others free.

Make ONE Donation.

Your financial support of Every ONE Free helps us to keep our mission alive in our communities, and to spread awareness of human trafficking to stop the problem not only here at home but in every corner of the globe.

Tell ONE Friend.

When you take ONE simple step to end human trafficking, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell someone about your efforts and why you chose to take that step. Share what you know and encourage others to do ONE thing every day, too. Add up all those ONEs, and we’ll have a powerful movement that changes the face of human trafficking.

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