A Real Life Story of Freedom: Part 2

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The following is a human trafficking success story as told to Every ONE Free by a local law enforcement officer. 


We regularly contact young ladies “working” on the streets. Yesterday, we recovered a 15-year-old girl who traveled here from out of town with her pimp. I was able to give her a Freedom Bag from Every ONE Free during my time with her. She was very grateful and appreciative of the gift. She immediately began combing her hair and eventually put on the pajama bottoms and wrapped herself up in the blanket.

The backpack really helped her obtain a sense of respect and dignity while I was talking to her. I could tell she instantly became more comfortable and felt more like herself and less like the persona she presents while in her “work” clothes.  She really loved the Spongebob pajama bottoms that were included in the bag!

Oftentimes, my partner and I spend an extensive amount of time talking with these young ladies we find on the streets. During this time, we make every attempt to help them relax and understand we are trying to help them and to provide them with resources to get out of “the life”.  Being able to provide the backpacks Every ONE Free gives us is an important step in this process.

In one month alone, my team successfully recovered one juvenile trafficking victim each week from the streets.  Each of these girls has been between 15-16 years old, and none of them has been a local. And I know there are more out there we have yet to find. Recovering juveniles is a priority for my team.

Find out how to make a Freedom Bag that will go directly to a rescued female victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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