Freedom Bags

Give hope. Help girls escape from slavery.

Freedom Bags are an “emergency response bag” for female victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They contain all NEW items that will be used by the survivor to get them through temporarily until they are placed in a shelter or restoration center.

Freedom Bag FAQs

What goes in the bags?

The list of items has been approved by law enforcement and social workers that regularly are involved in rescue and care of survivors. Our Freedom Bags brochure contains a list of the items needed for each bag.

What is the cost of a bag?

The average cost is $150 for a complete bag.

Why do you include a Bible and a handwritten note?

We are a Christian ministry and we believe that God’s Word will bring comfort, hope, and healing to the survivors when they read it.  The handwritten note contains words of encouragement, letting the recipient know that they are valued, loved, and prayed for.

Why do you include a stuffed animal?

Many victims have never had a childhood.  The stuffed animal is often their favorite part of the bag.  It lets them know we see them as an innocent victim and it is also used to bring comfort when they have been rescued and are experiencing trauma.

Do you accept items that go in the bags instead of completed bags?

Unfortunately we do not have a lot of storage, so we can only keep a small amount of extra items.

Why don’t you buy all the items in bulk and assemble bags so that they are all the same?

The contents of the bags are all the same but we ask for completed bags to be donated, not items for the bags.  A completed bag is the easiest for us to work with – it ensures that it can immediately go out to serve a victim.  Items or incomplete bags may sit on a shelf until they can be completed, meaning they are not serving the victims.   Putting a complete bag together is a rewarding experience for you.  It can be costly, so we encourage you to put it together with friends and family to share the cost.  Also, sometimes more than one girl receives a bag at a time.  We want each bag to be unique so they realize how unique and special they are.

How are the bags distributed?

Freedom Bags are usually given to victims by law enforcement or social service providers upon their immediate rescue or after.  We understand that they are extremely valuable to law enforcement, as they show the victims that they are not being treated as criminals.  It is a gift and it often breaks down walls, allowing the victim to feel safe enough to tell what has happened to them.

Do you make bags for men/boys too?

There is a growing need for bags for men, so we keep a few bags in stock.  At this time we have not developed a Men’s Freedom Bags program, although there is a need for male bags.  If you are interested in putting together a male bag, please email us for a list of required items at

What do you do at a Freedom Bag Work Day?

We inventory all the bags.  Each bag is double checked to make sure it contains all the items on the list.  We include a bottle of water and a granola bar and then pack up the bag to be distributed.  At the end of the Work Day, we pray together over each bag.

When are the Work Days?

Work Days are held approximately six times a year, usually on the first or second Saturday of the month. Please email to receive information on the next Work Day.  Also, visit our Facebook page and “like” it to receive updates.  

Who can come to a Work Day?

All are welcome to join us!  It is appropriate to bring your children ages 12 and up, if they will be supervised by a parent or guardian.