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Freedom Bags

Freedom Bags are packs filled with essentials to help meet the immediate needs of human trafficking survivors upon rescue. Our volunteers assemble Freedom Bags and they are distributed by partner agencies.

Why Freedom Bags?

The transition period after being freed can be overwhelming for survivors. Freedom Bags provide immediate comfort along with supplies for their first few days in assistance programs. These bags show survivors they are cared for.

Every bag makes a difference! With your help, we can provide survivor support from day one.

What Goes Inside a Freedom Bag?

Endorsed by law enforcement and social workers active in the rescue and rehabilitation of survivors, the contents of our bags are carefully curated. Each Freedom Bag contains:

  • New, brightly colored sturdy backpack
  • Pajamas
  • Underwear & sports bra
  • T-shirt & leggings/athletic pants
  • Socks
  • Flip flops
  • Hair brush, hair clips or hair bands
  • Travel-size toiletry kit (no hotel products please) that includes: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, small mirror, chapstick
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Laundry soap or pods
  • Bath towel & wash cloth
  • Fleece throw
  • Journal
  • Pen
  • Stuffed animal
  • Note of encouragement

Freedom Bag FAQs

What is the cost of a bag?

The average cost to purchase and assemble a complete Freedom Bag is about $150.

Why include a handwritten note?

A personal note of encouragement lets survivors know they are cared for and valued as individuals. This simple human touch can be incredibly meaningful.

Why include a stuffed animal?

Many trafficking victims have missed out on a normal childhood. The stuffed animal provides comfort and represents their innocence as victims.

Do you accept individual items or incomplete bags?

We kindly request only complete bags, as incomplete donations take up limited storage space. Complete bags can go straight to survivors.

Why not assemble identical bags in bulk?

Though the contents are the same, each hand-packed bag is unique to highlight the individuality of survivors. Packing a personal bag is also more meaningful.

How are Freedom Bags distributed?

Bags are given to survivors by law enforcement or social workers during rescue or placement in assistance programs. The bags help build trust with survivors.

What happens at Freedom Bag Work Days?

Volunteers inventory bags, add snacks and water, and prepare them for distribution. Work days are hosted by volunteers at Purpose Church (586 N. Main St., Pomona, CA 91768). Email us for dates.

Who can attend Work Days?

Anyone is welcome. Youth under 12 should be accompanied by a parent. Join us!