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Get Involved

Join us in the movement to empower survivors and end exploitation. There are many meaningful ways to get involved.

Learn More

Educating yourself is the first step. Learn about the realities of human trafficking and the signs to look for.

  • Follow us on social media to stay updated on news and events
  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter covering our work and the issues
  • Attend a community awareness event to hear from experts
  • Access recommended books, films and websites to understand the facts

We encourage you to get involved in whatever way moves you. Your involvement at any level brings power to this cause.

Raise Awareness

Help shine a light on this hidden issue. Raise awareness in your community through outreach and engagement.

  • Share information on social media to expand reach
  • Distribute our awareness materials to local businesses
  • Host a community discussion on trafficking at your school, church or organization
  • Contact local officials about implementing stronger anti-trafficking policies

Provide Support

Your contributions enable us to directly help more survivors rebuild their lives.

  • Make a financial donation to support our programs and services
  • Volunteer your time and skills to our efforts
  • Organize a supply or fundraising drive in your neighborhood or workplace
  • Assemble Freedom Bags filled with essentials for survivors

Advocate for Change

Use your voice to advocate for systemic changes that combat trafficking.

  • Support and lobby government representatives for stronger anti-trafficking laws
  • Promote trauma-informed training for institutions that may encounter victims
  • Demand ethical policies from businesses to stop forced labor practices
  • Join our advocacy network to receive action alerts on key legislation